My first job in TV land was for the BBC back in 2000, a fantastic show called Panic Mechanic. It was here that I first met Edd China who was one of the team leaders, and along with my old chum Ranen Rudra we had a lot of fun making very silly machines and even managed a bit of belt sander racing in the workshop when the cameras were elsewhere!

Shortly after that I appeared as a panelist in five episodes of TopDog Cars for the now defunct Men And Motors channel, casting my opinion on a diverse selection of cars, Ranen did the other five episodes in the series. Shortly after this series aired the channel closed, but that’s not our fault, honest…

More recently I co-presented Supercar Megabuild for National Geographic, again with Ranen, we made 10 episodes and got to go all over the world doing silly things with cars. The series took me away from home and my day job a bit too much, becoming almost full time at one point which was never my intention, but it was still a great experience with a fantastic crew and amazing journeys. Both myself an Ranen were also technical advisors for the series, planning builds and working out what might be possible before each episode was written.

After that I made four episodes of Mission Ignition for Channel 4, filmed in my own workshop, with cars that my team at Ralph Hosier Engineering Ltd. had prepared. It was great to be able to do a bit of telly and still be at home, my workshop is ideal for filming and it was great having my family about during filming. My co-presenters were Howard Donald from Take That and Dario Franchiti the Indy500 champ, both are total petrol heads and really lovely blokes with great sense of humor. In each episode two teams of enthusiasts try to build a car in a day, the teams were excellent and I’m happy to say I’m still in touch with many of them.

In 2019 I completed 8 episodes of Scrapyard Supercar for UKTV, which started out as an idea I had a few years ago and morphed into a really fun show. Filmed in a scrapyard in Bolton with great teams building monster machines to race against supercars driven my Shane Lynch, Shane is a total petrol head and also quite handy with the spanners, he’s great to work with and really understands the technical challenges. Again the teams were excellent, a really diverse bunch of enthusiasts all with amazing back stories. In this series I was a technical consultant and also devised the builds, helping to prepare bits of vehicle for the teams to use before each episode. I also somehow ended up in charge of health and safety, not sure that was wise…

I continue to support TV shows behind the scenes, advising and helping out where needed. The TV industry is definitely a bit strange but lots of fun, I’ve got a couple more shows in the pipeline so watch this space.