The Great Garage Sale!

It’s all change here; after 12 years of having a vehicle workshop in one location or another, it’s time to close up shop.

The batcave

In that time I have built a variety of race cars, a concept car, a selection of specialist vehicles and some notable project cars for magazines including a 400bhp Escort and an Evo ‘grand challenge’ car..

Escort, XJ-S and E30 with Tomcat in foreground a few years ago.

Most of these projects have been for paying customers, but a few have been for myself and I have many fond memories of building them. So there is more than just a hint of sadness as this chapter closes.

The Jag racer

But the sad fact is that it is so very difficult to earn a living from building other people’s cars, that’s why every back street garage is struggling to survive and why insurers and main stream car service centres would rather write a car off than spend the time fixing it. It really is tough out there.

Triumph GT Double 6

As an engineering consultant and as a writer I earn enough to pay the bills, so my workshop has become rather redundant, the great collected piles of ‘useful’ bits are covered in dust. I still have my garage at home for toys so it’s not like I am going to stop spannering though, and there are still plenty of silly projects in the pipeline.

Discovery pickup

Some of the good bits have already been sold, but there is still literally tons of stuff left. This includes duplicate tools from when I had a set at home, a set in the truck and a set in the workshop! Then there is the fall out from the job lots I have bought over the years, radiators, turbos, intercoolers, tubes, clips, wiring, all sorts of miscellaneous parts that were bought but never got used. Then there are the bits taken off scrap cars because they looked useful, some bit are small like control modules from a Volvo 940, but some are rather too large such as a set of Range Rover axles and 10 E30 wheels!

Crowded house

And it’s not just car parts, there are also books, magazines, corporate merchandize left over from press launches (Ferrari lanyard anyone?)

I have sold a few bits on a well known internet auction site, but to be honest that is a bit too time consuming and spare time is in rather short supply just now. So my plan is to offer first dibs to which is a fantastic charity that I am very pleased to support, and then throw the doors open on Saturday 13thAugust 2011 to allow any like minded petrol head to make silly offers on anything they see.

A selection of turbos

It’s a simple premise: everything must go, most of it is free to a good home.

I might also be persuaded to part with my beloved Triumph Trident 900 motorbike and the project BMW 325 E30 racer, both will need work.

So many boxes of stuff!

The workshop is in Bedfordshire, half way between Luton andBedfordjust off the A6. Everyone is welcome, just send me a message, email, Twitter, Facebook etc. and I will send you the details.


Some of the books

Some of the contents:

Janspeed Rover V8 SD1 exhaust manifolds and big bore system.

Turbos, various including two Garret T25s (used) and a modern variable vane Tdi unit (new).

Gauges, fuel level, coolant temp, battV etc.

A new Lambda air/fuel ratio gauge, by AutoGauge, new and boxed.

Range rover front grill

Discovery 300 manual pedal box with brake servo.

A genset frame for mounting on a truck.

Bighead fixings

Vacuum control valves

Large box of random nuts, bolts, screws, washers. Metric and various imperial, all used, very used.

Model aeroplane piston engine, with fuel tank and propeller, glow ignition.

Model aeroplane fuel, one gallon.

A large selection of new and used engine mounts, gearbox mounts and random rubber bushes. Mostly classic Jaguar and LandRover.

Oh look; more stuff!

A selection of sealants, gasketing gunge, threadlock and glue.

A hot glue gun and glue sticks.

Gunson Gastester, about 20 years old, unknown condition.

Oil cooler fittings, take off plates and adaptors.

Copper washers, O rings and small seals.

Solar trickle charger, 12v, new.

Random engine brackets for alternators etc.

Two new Sandon air conditioning pumps.

Two new GM throttle bodies, I think they were for the 2.0 Astra Gti engine.

Two clothes rail thingies on casters.

Some aluminium sheet.

Some steel sheet.

Steel box and tube section.

Stainless steel sheet and large bore tubes.

Electric clamp meter

Car radiators, Range Rover 38a, Fiesta, random modern units.


Jaguar XJ-S front grill.

Jaguar X Type real brake callipers with integral handbrake, new.

Power steering pump, new.

A set of polyurethane bushes for a Land Rover Defender/Rangie/Disco, new but very poor quality.

Random Landrover spares including prop shafts, door handles, disco headlining and side glass.

XJS racing front brake pads, EBC Yellow Stuff, new.

XJ40 rear brake pads, EBC Yellow Stuff, new.

XJ40 real hubs on XJS wishbones and a tube the right size to make the shaft adaptors up, for outboard rear brakes.

BMW E30 suspension kit, full set with dampers and lower springs, cheap brand, new.

BMW E30 rear disc brakes and wishbones, used.

Some floor standing shelving units.

Random bucket of household ironmongery, screws, rawl plugs, brackets, door handles, hinges.

Ah yes, that's more stuff isn't it...

Random bucket of plumbing spares, pipe joiners, T pieces, adaptors etc.

Random bucket of domestic electrical parts, wall sockets, cable, switches etc.

A set of vintage hand tools, spanners, hand drill, pliers and the such like.

A pram (has been used to move engines about a bit)

Random ignition parts, plug leads, spark plugs, rotor arms etc.

Random steel braided fluid hoses, could be used for oil, fuel etc. Most with Aeroquip fittings.

Random spray paint cans, some dayglo.

Spanners, hammers, chisels, sockets, pliers, screwdrivers, hex keys and other surplus or duplicated tools.

Hot air gun.

Jig Saw.

8 inch angle grinder with burnt out brushes. Boxed, makes handy step.

2x Freelander tyres

2x Discovery tyres

A domestic radiator

Some oak beams.

A tool.

A very large oil cooler

Triumph Trident/Sprint/Daytona 900cc tripple engine.

An antique wardrobe.

A swivel chair

A radio in the shape of two car wheels.

Boxes of small springs.


Various coolant, fuel and oil hose, new.

Race pedal sets.

MBE engine management systems, 3 off, one bodged Rover V8 wiring loom.

A Lucas 14CUX Rover V8 engine management systems with loom and air flow meter.



Ultimate classic car

Worlds greatest cranks and crackpots

The Radar war.

Discovering the Amazon

RAC rally encyclopaedia

Space travel

Brilliant roads

Some OS maps

Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

Mathematics for engineers

The art of electronics

Various car books

Various computer and electronics books

Some car mags, some with stuff I wrote in that I could de-value by signing.

Haynes fuel injection manual.

Haynes auto electrics manual

Electronics made easy

Various mechanical engineering books.


Many manifolds



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